Seedlip Gin is the highest quality collection of alcohol free drinks on the market

Same amazing flavor without the harmful effects of alcohol. Give it a try and you will never find alcohol-free drinks boring again. More and more people are leaning towards the substitutes such as Seedlip Gin, because they are much a much healthier option and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

We want to help combat the negative consequences of alcohol in society, offering a substitute for people so they can continue to enjoy and socially relax.

Improve your health
Liver relief, decrease of cardiovascular disease, and the risk of cancer. Also could help you maintain your overall health so you can continue to live a better lifestyle.

Amazing flavor
Seedlip Gin provides a wide variety of options to resemble all the alcohols that you are familiar with.

We care about you

Because we care about what we eat and drink, our flavors and ingredients are all-natural and by using all-natural botanicals we are able to mimic the taste, smell and burn of liquor.

Replace the alcohol in your favorite cocktails with Seedlip Gin, and enjoy the taste of these new alcohol-free spirits.

Get creative,
No alcohol, all the flavor

You can enjoy it in your favorite cocktails by adding it to your favorite mixers and beverages.

Continue to feel happy and relaxed with the placebo effect offered by Seedlip Gin substitute.

Due to the increasing demand worldwide, more and more people are discovering the benefits of not consuming alcohol and making the switch to Seedlip Gin.